To flush or not to flush …

By on March 17, 2017

There are three things — and three things only — that should be flushed down the toilet.
No. 1 (pee), No. 2 (poop) and toilet paper.

That’s it.

But …

No. Nothing else, even if the packaging says that it’s flushable. Just don’t do it.

Other items do not break down in water like toilet paper and can cause a blockage in your pipes.

Do not flush:
Baby wipes
Disposable diapers
Sanitary napkins
Dental floss
Moist wipes
Cotton balls
Paper towels
Oils and grease
Cleaning wipes
Cigarette butts
BandAids and other bandages
Cat litter

Also, don’t flush prescription pills. Drugs may destroy bacteria and contaminate groundwater.

If you flushed something you weren’t supposed to flush and are having issues with your plumbing, contact Sam Pollard & Son at 252-752-3661.

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