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True or false: A bath uses more water than a shower.

By on October 2, 2017

True. Showers, on average, use less water than baths, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. A bath in a standard bathtub uses an average of 36 gallons of water, the U.S. Geological Survey reports. If you have a deep

What to do if your HVAC is flooded

By on September 26, 2017

Eastern North Carolina has experienced flooding in the past — and recent hurricane threats remind us that the area is sure to have to deal with high waters again. Your heating and air conditioning unit is built to withstand normal

How to keep your garbage disposal from stinking

By on September 13, 2017

You put all kinds of kitchen scraps and food bits into your garbage disposal. And you let the water continue to run for about 15 seconds after you turn off the disposal to flush out all of the food particles.

Hurricane preparedness tips

By on September 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever, is pounding the Caribbean and heading toward the United States. Although its path can’t be accurately predicted by experts, there’s a possibility that the storm will impact us here in Greenville,

Late summer tips for your air conditioner

By on August 30, 2017

As we residents of eastern North Carolina move into the month of September, the outside temperatures are still warm enough to run the air conditioner. Your cooling unit has gotten a good workout this summer. You probably began running it

Dare Devil Dogs will perform at Winterville Watermelon Festival

By on August 25, 2017

Trained dogs will show off their athletic moves when The Dare Devil Dog Team performs several free shows today and Saturday, Aug. 25-26, at The Winterville Watermelon Festival. The canines of the Dare Devil Dog Team will perform a high-energy

How to operate a garbage disposal

By on August 4, 2017

You know the proper way to run your garbage disposal, right? Or do you? You may think you know how, but odds are good that you never actually sat down to read the instruction manual that came with your unit.

Changing your home’s air filter is essential

By on July 28, 2017

Dirty air filters are the No. 1 reason most HVAC systems don’t operate efficiently. The filter protects the return air intake in your home, which sucks the air from inside your home into your HVAC unit to be cooled or

What is phantom energy?

By on July 13, 2017

When you switch an appliance off, you would think that it stops using energy, right? Wrong. Just because a toaster isn’t toasting or a printer isn’t printing or a TV isn’t TV-ing doesn’t mean it isn’t sucking power from the

True or false: It’s cheaper to keep your home at a constant temperature, so don’t fiddle with the thermostat

By on June 28, 2017

False. There is no need to heat or cool your home when it’s empty. It just wastes energy, costs money and causes more wear and tear to your heating and cooling system. Here’s what you should do, according to the